The NBA crowned him, ” The greatest player of all time”. The life of Michael Jordan is one that many easily try to emulate. He is sharp. He is an example or brilliance. He is one of the most talented athletes on record to ever be discovered. He amazed the masses with his game when he first began to get attention in the early 80′s. However when  I think of Michael Jordan today, I think “gifted talent” but more importantly “smart business man”.  More than that, he is greatness personified. You know you have reached another level of greatness when people say things like: “so-and-so is the Michael Jordan of….”  It is that statement right there that sets him apart from the norm.  Michael Jordan set such a remarkably high standard. However, it is his line of Air Jordan sneakers that have truly proven to be the icing on the cake for this living legend.

j1985 was the year that his Air Jordan sneakers became available to the masses. Jordan himself was the first one to have them exclusively in 1984. He used to play in them. The following year, he decided to make a few changes and put them out on the market. That year something  powerful was born.  It was something about the name, “Jordan”. I remember watching his career on the court during his reign in the NBA. So many people wanted to be “Jordan-like” and nearly everyone was a Chicago Bull’s fan. It was like he couldn’t do any wrong. What better way to connect to one of your favorite athletes than to wear his sneakers? Once Jordan put those first pair of sneakers out, he had to keep making them.

Flashing forward to today, Jordan has also crossed over into apparel and his shoes are still a “must-have” in the streets. What I like about watching the growth of the Jordan brand is: it has taught me that there is literally no sky, no limit. When u think about it, Air Jordans are really the only sneaker out that is demanded enough to contend with major shoe companies. Over the years, we have seen them come in all kinds of editions, flavors, styles, and designs. The way that you can often times tell one set of J’s apart from the next is that classic “23” or Nike-Air-Jordan-3-Retro-DB-680x380“jump man” stamped on the sneaker. Not to mention, I don’t think I have  ever worn a pair that was uncomfortable. Many athletes after Jordan have attempted to try their hands at the shoe game, but many haven’t been able come close to what he had done.

What a way to retire. You have a monumentual career as a top athlete then u set a staple in several ways and gives the masses a live example in how to be more business minded. What gets me is that today the younger generations are fascinated with the sneakers but many of them have never even seen Michael Jordan play. At the end of the day, people still strive to be like Mike.