I will first and foremost start this article off by saying this: I am not hating on Boys II Men doing an Old Navy commercial. In fact, I think that this is great. HOWEVER!!!!!! Old Navy’s creative team should be fired behind the fukkery that they put out. When I first seen the commercial, all I could do was cover my mouth, which was wide open, and shake me head. All I could say was, “wow”.

First off, when you get a legendary group like Boys II Men to come back endorsing your product in a commercial, it needs to be put together better than this half assed commercial. My daughter could have done a better creative job and she’s still cooking in the womb. Outside of hearing their voices, the commercial really didn’t have any creative direction. Not to mention, they completely butchered one of the groups biggest hits of their career, “I’ll make love to you”. They only sang two lines of the song, which was rewritten for the commercial, and then harmonized the rest. It was like Old Navy really put out a commercial that was incomplete and tried to get a “pass” with it.

The song sounded incomplete and slightly auto-tuned. I guess the creative team didn’t have any words for this part so they just had the brother’s hum. If that part of the commercial were properly executed, it would have been that much better. I feel like the Old Navy creative team really left us hanging with this one. Yes we got the point that their white jeans are on sale this summer but damn….