I am beyond saddened to hear the news about the Sandy Hooks Elementary School massacre in Newtown, Connecticut. On December 14, 2012 Just 11 days before Christmas, a total of 26 victims lost their lives in what is already being called: “One of the most brutal school massacres to ever happen in US history”. This event got the world’s attention. We were shocked when Columbine happened in 1999, Virginal Tech disgusted us,  but this situation right here cuts the cake. 18 babies were killed at school along with 8 educators.

Like everyone else, when I first heard of this latest news I just thought, “Wow, the world is really just that mad”? I also thought further about  the last time  a major incident like this happened. It was the Batman Massacre that took place this past summer in Aurora, Colorado.  In that incident, a masked gunman strategically planned to murder and reek havoc on innocent victims all out to enjoy the latest installment of the Batman series. 12 people lost their lives that evening and 58 people left injured. That toll does not include the victims and employees that escaped with their lives but not the haunting details of what happened that evening.

In January of 2011, another massacre happened. This one in Tuscan, Arizona. In this incident 18 people were shot. 6 died. One of the people to be attacked was congresswoman Gabrielle “Gabby” Giffords. She survived a traumatic gunshot wound to the head.  For her, the outcome didn’t look to good but somehow, she overcame and began the process of rehabilitating her life as “Gabby” and not “Congresswoman Giffords”. Only time will tell if she ever makes a return to politics.

In all of these cases, we have to look at the gunman and review his life and history. There is everything from intelligence to personality disorders, to military tactics and strategies with these men. Did these men really act alone or are they just the puppet? I find it interesting seeing how gun control is really being targeted as a major issue. Why now all of a sudden? Granted, yes the straw can eventually break the camel’s back one day but, why now when so much truth about everything is coming out. My concern is: How far are “they” really going to go with getting guns off the streets? Is the goal at the end of the day to make guns illegal in the United States?  Why would a government go through the trouble of trying to make that happen?

Things are changing. My question is: Are people really paying attention to the facts or are they getting overclouded with emotion? We are seeing more and more everyday that our government can’t be trusted. That’s just real. The government uses us as daily test dummies without much of our consent. Our water, food, and air are now knowingly being tampered with. People are openly protesting their objection to these things and the government does not hear anything outside of, “kaccccching”! The days of Democracy, in theory, are over. Does it make sense from a people standpoint to no longer  stay armed? No, of course not. However, from a dictator standpoint, unarming the people is necessary action in gaining absolute control.

What is the real motive behind all of these massacres? It is not too far fetched to see how these incidences are nearly weaved together? I hate that this most recent situation happened at what is supposed to be a safe haven for children. Our children were murdered in the name of “pre- warfare”. Even though guns have been problematic in this country for decades, they still should not be taken from the people. Instead, more awareness needs to be brought to the fact that issues like bullying and being a social outcast never goes away for some children. A lot of times, those children grow up an those issues further develop and become different problems in itself. Furthermore, the gun rules and regulation can stand to be made a little bit tighter.  For instance, you should not be able to buy a gun at the Walmart. At this point, we as a people must ban together and begin to unify  if we are ever going to progress. Read between the lines.