I finally got to view the film that had stellar reviews before it was released: Sparkle. This all star cast movie is the last time that we got to see the late Whitney Houston live while battling the fight of her life: Sobriety. Whitney looked good. She played her roll naturally. Even though Whitney is now a beautiful memory that has transitioned on, I am comfortable in knowing that she was happy and content in her last days…. That bit of goodness radiated in her character.

Now for the movie review….
I’ll give this remake a 7 out of 10. The film just didn’t top the original for me (y’all know this film was remade 50 million times). I absolutely love retrospective movies about music. some of my favorite movies are: “Whats Love got to do with it”, The Five Heartbeats”, and “The Temptations”. I’ll even add ” Dream girls”and ” Cadillac Records”. Those two were pretty good. The new Sparkle just can’t be added to the list. It’s not a bad attempt at a remake, it just wasn’t a strong one. The classic scene in the movie where they sing, “Giving him something he can feel” (you know the song that put En Vogue on) kinda made me mad. That scene had nothing on the original. It was actually kinda boring in comparison. I liked the fact that Jordan Sparks did get her a little shine on though. I can’t hate on that. She is talented.

I did not like how the ending was completely rewritten. I remember “Sister” dying in the end. In this rendition, she landed herself in prison for murder. Someone please corrected me if I’m wrong….

Plain and simple: Hollywood over-hyped this one…