I was really saddened when I heard the news of the passing of Michael Clarke Duncan. In July of this year, he suffered a heart attack and apparently he just couldn’t make that recovery. He pass yesterday morning in Los Angelous. He was only 54 years old. He is best known for his Oscar- nominated role in “The Green Mile” alongside Tom Hanks. All I can think is, WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON??? We lost the legendary Heavy D this year at the age of 44. Both died after heart complications. JOHN COFFEY IS GONE!!! Deceased prematurely. What are “they” putting in our water???

Duncan got his start in Holly wood working security for the stars. Low and behold, he became one of the brightest to shine. His flame was torched way too prematurely.  He is survived by his sister, Judy Duncan and his Fiance Omarosa Stallworth. R.I.P Michael Clarke Duncan. Your talent will be missed.

A few of Duncan’s works:


A Night at the Roxbury

The Green Mile

The Player’s Club

Caught Up