Like the Jheri curl I thought that taking personal pics of one’s money would eventually die out. I thought that people would just get over showing off parts of their alleged wealth and start being smarter. When I was growing up, my grandmother taught me to: Never flash your money and never count it out in public. Today, I guess it’s To Hell with what grandma was talking about.

Your finances is your business plain and simple. When I see people on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with the infamous “money pic” I always shake my  head and ask, why. Why does one feel the need to advertise to the world that they have a little change? When is the last time someone took the money that they flexed off with to actually invest or grow in some way?

Why do people do this, really? What are you proving. Is this an insecurity issue? Is tax time the only time that some people ever see a large sum of money and they naturally don’t know how to act? Stop it! It’s not cool. Also, for the men that do this in hopes to catch a chick: If you have to show what’s in your wallet before you can even show her a smile, she ain’t no good. No real woman with some business about herself would want a man who would so childishly flash his wad to the world like that. A real woman wants the man who has it but does not feel a need to show it. He is secure and doesn’t have to prove a thing to anyone.  She wants the man who is confident. She wants a grown man.

Whether you are a man or a woman doing this, it’s a bad look.