After watching the Trayvon Martin prom dress trend to ridiculous heights, I think that it is safe to say that Prom is not what it used to be. This generation is totally different. Outside of seeming older looking, today’s teenagers and their “promposals” are making the classic prom more fresh. The millennials have done some pretty funky things. Prom 2k17 has proven to be no different.

Miss Milan Morris, a 17 year old from Florida, has decided to make a statement  for #blacklivesmatter this prom season. She wore a beautiful custom made  Terrence Torrence original dress. The only problem is that the print on the gown showcased the contemporary faces of black slaughter. Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown,  and Sandra Bland,  adorned her lower half and the ground via the gown’s train. She took to social media by proudly professing that she was seventeen years old and that God  is using her to  convey a message that is bigger than herself…. Right… So, what exactly is the message here: To cover your lower half and the ground that you walk on with the dead memory of some of the most horrific and unjust black murders to happen this decade? Better yet, “My ass looks good draped in these dead people right here.” Am I the only one that finds the concept of this gown both disrespectful and attention seeking at the expense of other people’s pain? I really don’t know what is worse, the fact that this is a display of today’s proactive protest or that some people actually praised her for the dress stating that this was a revolutionary act… How Sway?


What exactly are you saying and how is God using you to convey this “message”? Furthermore, Did you really have to tag every black celebrity from Oprah to Tyler Perry, Lebron James, Steve Harvey, Rihanna, Drake, Beyonce, and Kendrick Lamar? How and why does this prom dress deserve honor and praise?  I am all for making a powerful statement even if it is via fashion but… This was poorly executed.There is nothing wrong with being creative and showing respect but, exploiting these fallen soldiers and  putting them down by your feet to drag on the ground as you live it up during your prom night is not acceptable by any means.


So… You wore this dress to your prom. What now? What were you really trying to do outside of be seen, gain new followers, and be the topic of conversation for five minutes? We have to do better, y’all.

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