razYesterday, news that former B2K singer De’Mario Monte Thornton, formally known as Raz-B is comatose and breathing with the help of a ventilator in a hospital in China. The singer has been negatively painted in the media for a few years now after publicly outing former B2K manager Chris Stokes, and Marquis Houston for molesting him and other group members during the height of their careers in the early 2000’s. Ever since that public outing, things for the celebrity have never been the same and it seems like every time we would hear about him, it would be more bizarre and crazy news.

The details surrounding how he got to his current condition sounds a little suspect. It was said that he was performing overseas in China at a nightclub when a fight erupted in the club. Like super save ’em, it is alleged that he went over to where the fight was taking place and attempted to break it up. Instead of peacefully resolving the altercation, he was busted in the face with a glass bottle. He was later taken to a hospital to get his lip stitched up and was released right after receiving medical attention. All of this happened on Thursday night. It wasn’t until Friday morning that he was rushed back to the hospital. He was unresponsive and couldn’t be awakened. Now, doctors are measuring his brain activity to see how bad the damage is and if indeed he will wake up.

This story is a sad one. The 28 year old singer is a father. Despite weathering the storm known as celebrity, has been set to make a musical comeback. He released a mixtape in 2010 entitled “Boy to King” and it was rumored that he was coming out with a “tell all book called “The Boy’s Life“. This book is a memoir supposedly exposing: Chris Brown, Bow Wow, Ray J, as well as other B2K members.  There were talks about the book being published in 2012 but that has yet to happen. What is odd about this situation is  that he injured himself in China in a major accident last year as well. In that incident, he sustained nerve damage in one of his arms after falling through a glass door. Hmmm… I don’t know, crazy. He was touring the country this time while working on his debut solo album. If Raz pulls out of this, I think it is safe to say:

“Bruh, stay yo ASS outta china….”

I am forced to read between the lines with this situation.  Something about this incident reminds me of Whitney Houston minus the tub. It is no secret that Raz B had plenty of enemies. He was practically a singing canary that a lot of media sources began labeling as “crazy”.

It started with him releasing a series of videos on Worldstarhiphop making several slanderous accusations against various celebrities. Not discounting everything that he is saying but he has yet to solidify his argument with proof. We were all pretty much left to make up our own opinion on what happen during his stent with B2K. That’s where he messed up. Raz B had a lot of people mad in the industry. When he came out with these allegations, he pretty much put a hit out on his life. Regardless of all of that, I hope he pulls through this and we get the story from his mouth. There is just way too much mystery shrouded around this story. I refuse to believe that he is clinging on to his life because he was bust in the face with a bottle.