gunsImagine if our right to bare arms was revoked. What would life be like? Gun laws and legislation have been a hot button topic. The issue recently came up again after  the Batman Massacre in Aurora, Colorado.  In recent years. There have been more and more massacre’s and shooting sprees. We as American citizen do have the right to bare arms now but, what if? What if they took this right away? The likelihood of another mass shootout would be very slim but that still isn’t enough to stop a crazy person from taking it to the streets and killing if they really want to. Plus, I forecast illegal black market gun sales being both a major cash crop and problem far greater than what it is now.  As I always say, you can’t control everything. Whether you like guns or not is one thing, but to not even have the right to choose if you want to bare arms is wrong. It takes more power away from the people and it gives the government way too much control. People and the government is supposed to be a balanced equation in theory, if the US Government jacked our right to bare arms, we will official be the victims of a dictatorship. Allowing or supporting the loss of this right is like signing an agreement without reading it. You gamble your life. You voluntarily become the puppet.

I grew up in the country. Farming, gardening, and hunting is our way of life.  As early as I remember, my great aunt owned a few antique guns. I was educated on what they were as a little girl. I was told that a gun was never anything to play with. Guns are supposed to be used for protection and hunting. Seeing rifle’s and handguns never bothered me.

James Holmes Colorado Massacre gunman.

James Holmes Colorado Massacre gunman.

I do not like how this incident at the movies is kind of the scape goat for the argument of guns being an “out of control” problem.  Guns don’t kill people. People with guns kill people. Instead of  trying to strip the right to bare arms from the people, why don’t we examine the “psychotic gunman”. There are a few cases to choose from: Columbine, The Virgina Tech Massacre, and the shootings in Tuscan, Arizona. Why is gun  control being questioned so hard now during election year? If you ask me, the Tuscan, Arizona incident seems like that should have been the massacre where gun control should have been questioned. This smell like a conspiracy, I’M JUST SAYIN…

I’ll ask it first, who helped him. You can be def, dumb, and blind and see that this man CLEARLY had some help. It doesn’t make sense that some one who was unemployed could even maintain the deadly arsenal that the gunman had. The fact that he rigged up his home the way he did blew my mind as well. Who was he working for? The 2nd Amendment gives us the right to bare arms. This isn’t a right that should be easily hijacked, not with out a fight. Revolution is needed….