A “fence rider” is not a reliable person. They play neutral for the sake of being non-confrontational. These people will make excuses for others. They have selective vision and hearing. They are not reliable.  Fence riders are dangerous. You are either Hot or Cold. Lukewarm is not an option.

Fence riding is a character flaw. Fence riders are easily compromised. They create a middle ground that doesn’t require true conviction. In other words: They believe the bogus, bullshit excuses they make for not taking a stand. The saying, “You either stand for something or fall for anything” holds  no weight or validity to them. They are clueless.  They have no true sense of reality. These people are happy if they can simply “fade into the background”. Yet, they promote their point of view as one that is just.

Fence riders have unrealistic expectations. A fence rider will often promote neutrality as a “false peace”.  “Hey, I just want to be peaceful” is their calculated cop out. However, war is a part of life. Confrontation is unavoidable at times. Even Jesus said, “I come not with peace but with a sword” (Mathew 10:34).  You can’t ride the fence and uphold a higher standard.  Simply because, the higher standard would require you to draw a line somewhere. You cannot play both sides.

I recently had a situation where a so called “sista friend” was so concerned with being neutral, while paying “peacemaker”, that she made light of an obvious wrong. In doing so, not only has she proven to be unreliable, but she showed that sister solidarity would not trump booze and dick for her. Those escapes were her comfort zone. Fence riders are always looking for a ‘safe’ place.

Fence riders are not built to lead anything. They are natural-born followers. The sad part is, they usually know “the scoop” without sharing. A fence rider will monitor circumstances casually. They can see the contrast and will either play stupid or scream “peace” when they are asked to deal with all the facts.  This proved to be the case in the “sista friend” situation.  An old business associate decided to come to my house drunk to talk business. Keep in mind, I am home alone with my then 2 year old daughter.  After my fiance came and dealt with buddy, who did indeed bring a gun to my home, this same sista friend had the nerve to message me on facebook asking me what was going on because her thirsty ass nerves were “bad”. Yet, when she is called out, she is defensive.

Today… She still makes excuses.

Calling out a wrong for what it is is okay…  A fence rider has the potential to be the spy in any group.  The agents that tore down the Black Liberation Movement were clearly fence riders who were easily swayed. We must be decisive. We must have a moral compass