When it comes down to Netflix, I am split 50/50. I like the way they categorize their movies. I also like the large selection of  great documentaries. One thing that I have also grown to appreciate and love is that Netflix has so many independent movies. I always pick from this category. In this sense, Netflix gives a lot of independent titles the opportunities to be seen by the masses. This is divine for struggling directors, actors, producers, etc. Everyone has a chance to be seen on a leveled playing field. In 2011, Netflix officially had 23.9 million subscribers. This puts the company at BILLIONAIRE status.

Netflix caught a lot of flack when they hiked up their rates. It used to be about 8 bucks and some change to get both live streaming and  DVD’s in the mail. This personally didn’t really affect me or make me shun away from this service. I personally prefer the live streaming. As long as that service stays the same, I’m happy… CHEEEEEESE.

There is plenty of variety. However, the selection for black sitcoms really suck. For me, this is major. I’d prefer to watch a lot of the classic black sitcoms that I grew up on. I find a lot of cable programing today to be  very tasteless  and too over-the-top for my blood. That is part of the reason why I don’t have cable. Well, that and the fact that COMCAST is just TOO DAMN HIGH and they are operating very hood now a days, NO THANK YOU… Netflix is one of my few alternatives for television.  What I hate is that with all of this being said, I can count on Netflix to NOT have sitcoms like: All of us, Girlfriends, Living Single, A Different World, Sanford and Son, and Good Times. They don’t even have The Cosby Show. Instead they have: The Game, The Roast of Favor Flav, College Hill, and  Basketball Wives. I hope that Netflix expands their black sitcoms selection. I am personally holding my membership in the balance. Hopefully Netflix will step their game up with the black sitcoms