I am outraged today. I went to check out one of the world’s most famous gossip sites this afternoon. My jaw nearly hit the floor when I looked at the headlining post. It was entitled: ” MTO SUPER WORLD EXCLUSIVE: We’ve Got the  Trayvon Martin DEATH PICS…. The poor boy was gunned down… IN COLD BLOOD!”

I just cannot believe it. I guess I am naive to think that people would have respect for a 17 year old boy who was unjustly gunned down by a white supremacist for NO DAMN REASON. Shame on me I guess for thinking that people still have a heart or even recognize the word “respect”. It is bad enough that this case is going through all that it is going through. This boy lost his life for NO REASON yet all we can do is rock hoodies and post pictures (OF A MINOR AT THAT) who is laying dead on the pavement. They didn’t even attempt to cover his face. I guess, MediaTakeOut didn’t think about his family before they made this post. As long as the viewership is up, that’s all that matters, huh?

MediaTakeOut is known as being one of the most tacky, classless, and ratchett sites on the web when it comes down to getting information. These are the same people that clearly operate with NO EDITOR. Things like Kim Khardashian’s swollen pregnant feet  and Rihanna new hair are easily headlines on a daily basis. With that being said, I don’t expect much from them. However, I do expect a little bit of common courtesy.  Really MTO, you guys are that thirsty for hits that you will stoop to this level? I guess none of you guys have a mother. I can only imagine what his family is going through knowing that you guys did this to their son.

I end this article short and simple by saying this:

“MediaTakeOut is wrong and classless for allowing this story to be posted on their page. As media, are we that thirsty for the next big story that we will do whatever without thinking. Where is the care and consideration. An apology is owed to the Martian family.”