Fat Ronald

McDonalds is the largest purchaser of ground beef, period.  The franchise is also the  largest purchasers of potatoes and pork as well. When Mickey D’s came into the picture it was innovative at the time. As the franchise evolved, so did American agriculture. Beef, potatoes, and pork where in high demand. Industry had to keep up. When McDonalds entered the game, the MADDNESS started shortly thereafter. superMcDonalds will kill you. THAT’S RIGHT, I SAID IT…  If you don’t believe me, check out Morgan Spurlock‘s experiment in “Supersize Me“.

In 30 days, we see what an all-Mickey D’s diet can do. By the end of the 30 days,  Spurlock’s liver nearly turned to mush. Doctors were urging him to stop around day 15. They feared that the experiment was just too dangerous. The diet was murdering his liver.  He was a perfectly health man before he started doing the experiment. He ate McDonalds daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If he wanted a snack, it had to come from McDonalds. If the cashier asked him if he wanted his meal super-sized, he had to say yes. In the film, we watched him gain weight, become depressed, experience erectile dysfunction, and become addicted. The food was literally killing him. He did this experiment as a test to see what would happen if we keep consuming the garbage that some of our favorite celebrities endorse in various ads. ( The irony in that is, half of these celebs don’t even eat this shit, they know what’s up…)

The Ronald McDonald house charities do a lot for children fighting all kinds of illness and disease but, has anyone ever stopped to think that all of this hybrid food on the market may be a reason as to why the rate of illness and disease are skyrocketing right now? With all the cloned meat, non germinating seeds, steroids, pesticides, and the beast known as “mass production”, how can we really expect ourselves not to get sick. Today, I am seeing more and more people with gluten allergies, rare cancers are becoming more common, and Cancer in general is claiming more and more people at alarming rates. You are what you eat, the food is killing us.

I wonder if the big whigs at McDonalds eat the crap that they know they produce. None of the food is real. The only thing that you can get healthy at McDonalds is a cup of ice water and the workers are so nasty and disgruntled, you better get that overpriced bottle of Dasani, there’s no telling what could possibly be growing in the ice machine. I have worked in the resturant industry for years. I know all the dirty little secrets plaguing both the fast food and fine dining worlds. Trust me people, it’s scary… Buck the system. DARE TO SAY “NO” TO McCRACK!!!!!!!!


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