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When I first heard of this story, I said that I wouldn’t touch it. I said that I would not go and waste the time and energy talking about North Carolina multi-million lottery winner Marie Holmes. She is actually from the neighboring county around my neck of the woods in Coastal Carolina. Holmes has continued to make the news for nearly a year after winning a whopping 188 million dollars. I would love to be reporting that all is well and that she is doing something of impact, positive , and worth praise but that is not the case. After seeing that this is the 4th time that she has made national news for bailing her country kingpin-heroine drug dealing boyfriend/fiance out of jail again, this time for the price of 12 million dollars, I said: Damn, Marie Holmes is the ULTIMATE bottom bitch!


Yes, it is her money, she won it fair and square and what she does with her winnings is her prerogative…. BUT!

Marie Holmes is what you call a “Bottom Bitch”. A Bottom Bitch is basically a female that will “ride or die” for her man/ significant other at all costs and by any means. Idealistically she is the one woman that her dude truly “loves”. This is typically applied to a pimp-hoe type of situation but not all the time… Not only has Maria Holmes proven herself to be the ultimate bottom bitch, she has now raised a red flag on her parenting skills…. Her children are watching…


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You have to be broken and damaged on another level if you are a mother of four children (one with special needs) and you tolerate this kind of mess. Why on earth would you keep dealing with a man who doesn’t care enough about his own life to stay out of the system? After all, this is a 31 year old man that goes by the street name “Hot Sauce”. Really Marie?  Lets be real, America has pretty much told us that black lives do NOT matter at all.  Just look at the number of black lives who were publicly slaughtered in just 2015 alone. The need for black on black love and support is very real. I am all for support but not like this. This is just plain foolishness. Come on Marie, if the shoe were on the other foot, do you really think this man would keep bailing you out if you become a million dollar problem? Let’s be real, you probably would have been dropped before the lotto ticket would even be cashed in… Whenever I look at Marie Holmes I can’t help but think as a mother: Do you really love your children and do you even care about what your actions are telling/showing them?  Instead of teaching your children some sort of financial savvy, you are telling your children that it is okay to have a reckless relationship with money and that it is okay to spend millions on an overgrown drug dealer that is destined to go nowhere… I’m sorry but Hot Sauce isn’t going ANYWHERE.

Marie Holmes cannot possibly love herself… At the end of the day, shouldn’t your children be the number one reason why you should do better. Doing better doesn’t necessarily mean monetarily. Why not strive to do better in your day to day actions? Why not do better morally? As a parent, you are a role model by default  It has been less than a year since Marie has won her 188 million (she took the 127 million lump some option) and this dude has drained her of 21 million dollars. When do you stop? When do you say: enough is enough, I have children to live for. Hell, that 21 million could have gone towards their education. Hell…I can think of a few ways that 21 million dollars could have been used  in a better way than bailing out a shiftless ass negro named “Hot Sauce” YES I SAID IT! Marie Holmes, YOU ARE THE “BOTTOM BITCH” OF THE DECADE.

This woman is going to be drained dry in less than five years. & I hate to say it, she’ll most likely be back in the system or on some sort of government assistance. What in the hell is wrong with you?

Final remarks:

This is deeper than the no daddy syndrome. This is what happens when you do not love yourself. Has your head been pumped up with so many false truths that you actually believe that it is okay to spend and post a 12 million dollar bail versus apply that to your children’s education fund? Man, you live in Brunswick County, North Carolina. And, as I said, that’s my neck of the woods. The cost of living out there is not high at all. If you got a double wide trailer off  of a secluded dirt road in the country, you are high rolling. Let’s be real. I know exactly what I’m talking about. There is nothing in the world that will make this okay to me. Maybe mental illness but that’s it… I am not judging,  I am a mother and my opinion on this issue is very strong. I am blown away at the fact that Marie Holmes will ride or die so hard for, dare I say it, A NOTHING ASS DUDE… How do your sons and daughters look at you? That’s not strength. Being this type of bottom bitch is not strength.