It is plain to see that: THAT THERE SHRIMP IS THAT ROACH’S FATHER!!!!
I grew up in the small town on Whiteville, North Carolina. It’s located right off the waters in between Cape Cod and the Atlantic Ocean. Myrtle Beach is literally 40 miles away. I spent a lot of my childhood on that beach. Seafood was big, especially during the summertime. My grandmother would  throw these huge “Crab boil” parties. We would throw shrimp, crab legs, boiled eggs, clams, sausage, and corn into a pot and season it down with Old Bay  and a Natural light. You could smell the aroma up the whole block.


What a beautiful lie. Shellfish has absolutely NO NUTRITIONAL VALUE to the human body whatsoever. In fact,  they are designed to feed. The sole purpose of roaches and shell fish is to clean up the nasty leftovers that no other creature wants. That’s quite disgusting when you think about it. Why would we want to consume a living garbage disposal? We’ll go crazy as soon as Kroger has a blowout sale on  shrimp or crab, but we’ll quickly buy a bottle of raid the first time we see a roach casually stroll across the kitchen counter.

I got the idea for this post after seeing this picture on my Facebook timeline. In my adult life, I stopped eating shellfish years ago. Just like watermelon, I’ve had way too much in my childhood, and I really began to develop  a strong dislike towards it. After seeing this picture I dug deeper to see what science has to say. Both roaches and shellfish are a part of the same Phylum, Arthropoda. That the same group as both flies and ants (you know both flies and ants feed off of nastiness too). The common physical characteristics in this phylum is their exoskeleton and segmented bodies. Evolution had a great part in things being the way that they are now. So next time you think about that Jumbo Shrimp with the garlic but sauce, think RRRRAAAAAAIIIIIDDDDDD!!!!!