Kim-davis-rosa-parksIn Rowan County Kentucky, a court clerk by the name of Kim Davis has caused quite a stir. She has made national news all because she refuses to issue marriage license to same-sex couples. Keep in mind that the Supreme Court has recently ruled for gay marriage to be legal in all 50 states. Kim Davis feels that this does not apply to her because it pretty much interferes with “God’s law”. Plus there isn’t a stone cold, multiple divorced Christian more hardcore in their beliefs than Kim Davis… After denying same-sex couples a marriage license almost daily since gay marriage has been legalized, she has ruffled the feathers of many. So much of an uproar has been made that she was literally being greeted to work daily by an angry mob of people protesting for the LGBT community. I personally was going to stay out of this one and just spectate. However, when I saw the comparison of Kim Davis to Rosa Parks popping up all over the internet, something said, “Hold on Harpo!”

I‘m just going to keep it real short and street for this post. How in the hell did we come to this conclusion? There is nothing honorable about Kim Davis or her actions. She is not a modern day hero/heroin. Nor has her efforts been made in an attempt to release an oppressed people from their oppressors. She did not stand up for anyone’s rights by refusing to issue a marriage license. In fact. she has proven herself to be more of a hypocrite for demonizing same-sex couples who wish to be married. Whether you agree or disagree with same sex relationships, the laws have changed. If gay people want to get married, they can get married. Why are you so personally offended? I feel as though Kim Davis should be is equally offended at the fact that our government is killing us with our food supply or the quality of America’s education system.


At the end of  the  day,  there is absolutely  nothing  revolutionary  or really newsworthy  about Kim Davis  feeling that she is above the same LAW that she work for. Then to add insult to injury, she made this a “moral issue by throwing God in to. I don’t recall Rosa Park telling the bus driver that God told her to sit down and not move.  She stated how she felt. She was tired. She just got off work and she did not want to get up and move to the back of the bus when her fare made it okay for her to sit anywhere she desired. Moving to the back of the bus was a violation of her civil rights. This is a civil rights issue not a moral one. Republican Representative from Iowa, Steve King only agitated the situation when he suggested that Kim Davis receive the Rosa Parks award. For what? There is absolutely nothing brave about Kim Davis.

I refuse to let this article top 500words. I’m done.