“I want to be famous…” That is the phrase that we hear more and more consistently these days. It seems like society is harvesting more insta-famous “fame whores” now more than ever.  People are more obsessed with the glitz and glamour that comes with “The Life”.  Today, you can  become famous just for being pretty. Never-mind possessing any real talent or doing something that would rightfully make an individual’s name worth mentioning over morning coffee… After growing up and watching the patterns and growth within celebrity, I am forced to ask: Why would one want to be a part of such a machine, minus money? Why does everyone need to know your name? What is the Illuminati “illuminated one” hype  really all about? Is this the truth or is this just a huge fame theory like: Y2K, or the 2012 Mayan Doomsday? One thing that can definitely be said is that fame is manufactured…Tupac broke it down plain and simple in his short poem, “What of Fame?”

What of fame?
Everyone knows your face, the world screams your name
And never again, are you alone..

–Tupac Shakur

Is it too far fetched to believe that there is some sort of connection to a “dark-side” the higher your popularity and bank account grows, or is that just “po’ folks” hatred? When you strip it all the way down, that’s what the “Illuminati” is… money…  Whenever we hear of someone being a part of it, they normally are an individual with a CRAZY NET-WORTH. Are the richest people in the world really connected to some sort of mystic-evil behind closed doors or is that something Youtube put together and streamed into our heads? For those who do believe, the Bible even states it as: ” The love of money is the root of all evil” (1Timothy 6:10 Kjv).  So, again I ask: Is money the “illuminated one” or is  this term just some sort of jedi mind tactic  thrown out to keep people dumbed down and clueless about what’s really going on at “The House”?

I was first exposed to the term Illuminati ( or shall I say Killuminati) in 1996. It was Tupac Shakur’s Makaveli album. The song that really drilled it into my head was Hail Mary.


Killuminati all through my body,

blows like a 12 gauge shotty”

                                                       –Tupac, Hail Mary

After doing a little bit of digging, I found that this term  dates back centuries ago. It is alleged that the Bavarian Illuminati was founded by Adam Weishaupt (philosopher) in 1776. It is a secret society. It was later said that all secret societies, including the Illuminati, where banished in 1785.  The story goes that  this new rule didn’t stop the Illuminati. This secret society stayed around, it just grew to be more secretive, powerful, and underground.  Today, it is said to be the head over of all secret societies such as: The Freemasons, Bohemian club. The Illuminati is also believed to be behind: The banking industry, entertainment industry, world religions, education, and the New World Order Theory… Basically everything.



Talks of the Illuminati is everywhere.  Musicians are even acknowledging it in their music. Is this really an act of boldness or  are artist just jumping on a marketing bandwagon?  In this information age, we have to be careful with what we receive and believe as “real” and “fabricated”. We are no longer living in a time where to old adage “I have to see it to believe it” will suffice. At least, not with the invention of programs like Photoshop and lets not forget the ever transforming and evolving field of technology. You have to really think about what you believe. You can’t just run wit information now in a time where we are in. The power of discernment is  what will carry most of use through. We must make sure that we recognize when that “gut” talks.

Whether you choose to believe in this or not is your prerogative. One thing that can’t be denied is the fact that just the name “illuminati” is being used more and more and more . Theories on the topic is all over the internet and so many people have taken to youtube to either confirm or dispel the existence of this… Cult. I believe that the truth is out there and it’s right there in our faces hiding out in the open.

Is it real or just hype?