We have all heard the old adage, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” Many of us have even used it before meaningfully. Now, with all the gun violence that is being publicized in the news, it seems as though “the guns” is doing all of the killing. Today, there is an attack on our 2nd amendment right, which is our right to bare arms.” The gun control tactics are getting to be even crazier. Now we have to question everything that the media feeds us like, “Did this really happen or is this a hoax with bad crisis actors?” Why is it that every time you turn on the news they are only talking about violence and a ridiculously insane shooting or police brutality, as if police brutality ever stopped. It seems as if there is nothing else important going on with the world. So much police brutality has been reported on today that they failed to even mention the trans-pacific trade agreement. They also failed to inform us that China will be processing our meats for our consumption, which is beyond dangerous and questionable. These things weren’t being blasted on CNN and FOX news. Why not? Shouldn’t the American people know about these things? Isn’t this supposed to be a Democracy in theory?  At this stage of the game, what good is the media besides bullying the people with bad news and keeping us in the dark? It seems as though the media and the police are the biggest gangstas on the planet.

Malcolm X was right when he called it on the media. He said that the media is the most powerful entity in the world because they had the power to make the innocent look guilty and the guilty look innocent. The media has way too much power. Furthermore, we build on to that power when we believe what we are being told. We build on to that power even MORE when we don’t question the source. With the attack on our 2nd Amendment right, it is plain to see all the Jedi-mind tricks. The sad part is we won’t even really realize what it is until the damage has been done. People will not realize how real  and how serious things are until the feds and homeland security come in and act as our local law enforcement. People won’t realize how serious it really is until Marshall’s law has been enacted completely. We need to turn off the television and stop clicking every link. The people are more powerful than the media. Why continue to trust a source that clearly does not have our best interest at heart?

Final words: Turn off the TV and stop programming your mind with lies and garbage. Stop ignoring your gut. Stock up on Ammo and pay attention. If the government get all of the guns off of the street, the people will have no way of protecting themselves. We’ll go from this “non-democracy” situation to a complete dictatorship. Our guns aren’t the problem in this country. The issue is the state of our communities. Our media keeps reporting on gun violence over and over again. They report on it so much that we get in our emotions and we end up siding with the agenda of gun control without even realizing it.  Our second amendment right is our right to have guns especially for self-defense. If we hand over our guns, because we have watched too much programming telling us that the guns are a problem, how will we defend ourselves then? This is the same country that is feeding its people fake food. Do not give up your guns, do not relinquish that power.