There are no set rules to life. When I entered my 30’s, I reflected on my 20’s and wished that I had someone there to encourage and give me real sensible advice for navigating through adulthood.



1. Learn to love yourself first. Don’t focus on loving someone else for life just yet. You’re in your 20’s, you have the rest of your life. Besides, You don’t even know who you are just yet.


2. Live your life for YOU. don’t try to please others regardless of who they are. At the end of the day, you have to live with the choices that YOU have made. Be wise.


3. Establish your independence during your 20’s. Just like Bambi, when she learned how to walk, it’s a wobbly experience in the beginning.  However, you cannot give up.  You’ll appreciate it once you cross the dirty 30 threshold.


4. You are gonna fukk up. Remember, your 20’s is all about finding yourself and learning how YOU navigate best through life. Don’t expect to go through this decade unscathed. Even Jesus didn’t catch a break… Shit happens, such is life.


5. You are a beautiful soul.  You will have some bad days. Regardless of how bad it gets, you are not out of the fight, your life is not in vain. Keep living


6. Your gut will speak to you. When it does, Listen… Discern


7. Have so much fun. You’re supposed to. Enjoy your youth while you still have it.


8. Try not to have any children during the early and mid stages of this decade. Remember, you are learning who YOU are. I cannot express the validity of that statement enough.


9. If you are approaching your 30’s and you do not have the rest of your life mapped out or even have your career plan completely together, it is ok. Breathe


10.There is no rule book to getting through your 20’s. Regardless of what happens, know that you will land on your feet. Have faith in yourself.


11. Travel. Get out of your comfort zone. Learn other cultures especially NOW.


12. Be real and honest with yourself even if the conversation or realness is a disappointment. Do not lie to YOU.