It was the fabric of  our lives at one point. Powering cars, providing outstanding nutritional benefits, a natural painkiller, paper production, the list goes on and on and ON… I can talk about the positive uses and properties of this wonder plant  for hours. I decided to do a post on Ganja (one of the many names used for marijuana) because it’s been long overdue. LET’S TALK ABOUT THIS SHIT!!!

ganjaIn the early days, ganja played a major roll economically, politically, and industrially.  The Declaration of Independence was drafted on hemp paper. It is  also  rumored that both George Washington and  Thomas Jefferson grew ganja on their own land. Ganja made better quality paper. Automobiles where also fuel by it. It has also been proven to be gentler and cleaner on your car engine.   Ganja began to be used less industrially in the early 1900’s.

Now we have funky ass fossil fuels depleting the earth’s O-zone layer. lumber and petroleum became a replacement to the powerful plant. Things really changed when major lumber and chemical corporations were birthed.  Things like  paper from wood and gasoline where now being produced. There’s no need to even elaborate too far on fossil fuels. The use of fossil fuel in our everyday lives is known to be one of  the culprits for “global warming”… hmmm…….

The newer argument is the use of marijuana medicinally.  The practice of using this herb for healing properties have been  practiced throughout humanity for EON’s.  Dr. OZ did a show on the medical uses of ganja, a couple seasons ago the show really brought about a lot of conversation on the issue. I remember watching this episode when it first aired. It blew my mind to sit and watch talk show host Montell Williams talk about how  he uses it daily in his fight against multiple sclerosis and it’s painful and crippling  affects.  All I could do ask once again  is “Why is this herb still illegal?”  What really makes this herb such a threat NOW? If the use of this herb can set people who are battling pain disorders such as MS free, why is it so controversial?


The support of the argument for the legalization of medical marijuana is one that is growing. However, it shouldn’t just stop there. History and man have both proven that the benefits of this plant clearly outweighs any “negative” affects… If global warming is an issue and we know that both bio diesel and hemp fuels are bother cleaner and safer for the environment, why haven’t we converted… BACK? Planting trees and patch grass isn’t enough to rescue this beautiful planet that humanity has crippled slowly.

The laws began to change more against ganja in the early 1900’s after it began to be used less industrially. The 1937 Tax act was a major act that basically penalized people for selling it and not paying taxes on it…umm…  This act was established after many smoke houses and opium lounges began to pop up EVERYWHERE. With Ganja not being used for things like paper production and fuel purposes, the plant wasn’t considered to be as valuable as it was in the earlier industrial ages.

The final act that made Ganja completely illegal is: the 1970 Controlled Substance Act. This act classified ganja as a schedule 1 drug.. Schedule 1 drugs are drugs that are classified as having no medical value. They are also categorized as being highly addictive. May I personally say now… IN ALL MY YEARS OF LIVING, I’VE NEVER SEEN ANYONE BATTLE A GANJA ADDICTION…

It’s funny how the same plant that the US government  encouraged American farmers to grow during WWII is now a menace to society.M