Expectations. Some of us have none. But most don’t have awareness of the ones they have. Plenty of us have too many expectations. Sometimes our wants cloud our thoughts. There will always be needs. When deciphering between necessity and wish, things can get complicated. Life is to be lived. It’s natural to share. Yet, it takes an unbelievable amount of effort to make a shared existence happen. We didn’t think it could. But, sometimes we do what comes naturally. It just occurs, evolves, and grows. It’s an experience to be observed.

It is possible to plan for a fruitful future. Generations have made the attempt at living the ideal partnership. Almost all adults have played the game of polarity. Getting swept up in the sensation of infatuation is easy. However, the drug is readily available. “Feel good” and “fun” is always welcome; Excitement and companionship combine for enjoyable times. Conversation and connection lighten the hearts of human beings. Relationships are based on these things. The best recipe requires much more. Naturally, the long haul is an intimidating trip. Desire has to be deliberate. It will take more than just good intentions. You have to work at being fully attentive.  Practice and preparation play a major part. People don’t have an opportunity to arm against unmet expectations. Only in the shortcoming, or failing, do we learn how to work through disappointment.

There’s support in the comfort of a colleague..

A mate can be an effective sounding board.  You want a good resource and helpful information. That doesn’t always happen. Effective communication is an art in and of itself. It’s a challenge when you can’t get out of your own way. How can you see through obstacles if you don’t pay attention? It is entirely too easy to settle for the temporary.


 Look closely at valuable lessons. It is all too common to look down on them. Then, we get down on ourselves. Fleeting flings become pointless. The physical pales in comparison to the connection of souls. At this point in time, when most of us more melanated cross paths, it’s as damaged goods. We misrepresent ourselves and our intentions because of our disabilities. Many are not able to communicate clearly. Some struggle with passing judgement. We are not able to accept criticism, constructive or otherwise. Souls choose to not accept Love and push away those who give it their best try. Our people don’t feel like we are worthy. We adopt easy ways of escapism and alien ideas. There is an incendiary amount of passion waiting to be ignited. An inherent desire to fight the good fight. Under oppression’s attacks, we often explode and unload on one another with relentless fire. It is a release that can make us seem like enemies. These are impassioned pleas for peace and relief.


People must be present in totality. Eyes must be open to see your reflection clearly. The keys to healing are internal. We are under attack.  The revolutionary action of love is the best retaliation. When we love without expectations, it lessens the blows. Our comrades are not whole. Learn to save yourself and share the same with another soul.