DD1I tuned into Power 105’s “The Breakfast club” this morning. They were doing one of my favorite segments called, “Tell em why you’re mad”. This is when callers basically call in to vent about whatever is going on in their lives that has them angry. This morning, a guy called in ready to vent. He had just gotten a brand new job. He went through a credit and criminal background check that included fingerprinting. He successfully made it through every hurdle required to obtain the position. Everything was all good until his new employer told him that he had to cut his locs. When Charlamange asked him how long he had been growing his hair, the caller told him, 13 years. He also revealed that the job was only paying $8.25 and hour. Lets be real, living in a city like New York, that’s lower than slave wages. The caller, who was passionate about his locs said that the job simply was not worth cutting off his 13 years of growth.

I can understand and employer having a policy against visible tattoos and piercings. I can even understand a band on outrageous, unnatural hair colors but, your natural hair?  I understand maintaining a professional appearance but DAMN. People loc their hair for various reasons. would it have been better if the man had an afro? I feel like these companies are taking things too far when it comes down to their employees. I mean damn, why do they need to check your credit to work at Mickey D’s? I bet you $5 that it does not require stellar credit to microwave some hybrid food. There is no sense of privacy and in this matter, there is no consideration for one’s belief system or culture. *In my Nancy Grace voice, SHAME ON YOU*

Cutting off his locs is like asking him to cut off a piece of his pride and identity. For $8.25 an hour? Even working full time at this pay rate, you still will make under 20,000 a year. With a salary like that, the only thing that you could afford is a room at your auntie’s house or a shantytown and if you’re grown, neither one of those are cool options. What would you do if this were you? Would you conform or stand your ground?