beatsThe news broke earlier this month that the legendary Dr. Dre sold his “Beats by Dre” headphone line to Apple for an astounding 3.2 billion dollars. He has made history. He is the first ever hip hop billionaire even though Forbes Magazine is saying otherwise. Either way, the figure is pretty.  Like everyone else, I couldn’t help but think, “wooooooow, great job!” Then out of nowhere these words popped up in my head, “Boooooy, the value of the dollar ain’t sh!t.” I caught myself off guard with that thought. I blew my own mind. Where did that come from? I sat for a minute and continued to think. I literally took myself back to school for five minutes and reflected on things that  I have learned and observed throughout the years that makes this thought valid.

I‘m not hating on the deal.  Aye, get it Dre! Beats originally dropped in 2008. Jimmy Iovine (Chief of Interscope Records) collaborated with Dre, making Dr. Dre co-partner and the name, of this headphone line. There was nothing like this on the market. Headphones as we knew it has been reinvented. An audio gold-rush was officially launched. Dr. Dre’s name is like a stamp of approval as far as your listening experience goes. Your ears are bound to be pleased regardless of what you are listening to. Beats put a heavy emphases on bass and sound clarity, something that Dr. Dre is best known for. He quickly created a billion dollar industry by 2013.  This line had a rigorous marketing campaign that relied on  various celebrity endorsements. Never mind what the streets are saying. The numbers don’t lie.

All of this is good and well; However, something about this is unsettling for me… There was something about seeing the sum of 3.2 billion dollars in this headline that made me question the value of today’s American dollar. Everyone knows that the dollar’s value has been steadily declining. Of course the goal for Apple is to  make more than the 3.2 billion that they invested in the brand.

We began to see the economic downfall of America after September 11th 2001. That was the date that  marked a turning point in all American Life. Regardless of class, race, or status, everyone felt the  economic pressures equally. Gas prices began to rise to ridiculous and at times unlivable heights, inflation set in horribly, the job market completely flip flopped, and “terrorism” was a new word that was hammered into our heads repeatedly via the media. Now, nearly 14 years after that fateful day, we are seeing the structure that the forefathers designed  crumble before our eyes. Let me explain further.

goldWhy is there a sudden pressure placed on the American people to cash in their gold? Has America gone completely dry? It sure looks that way. Of course, the American government would never tell the people the truth. Instead all of these “We buy Gold” establishments and commercials are popping up everywhere. Trade  your gold? The US government is hashing out big bills of this worthless cash in hopes to lure  people into cashing out their old “useless” gold. I mean, if you aren’t using it, why not trade it in for cash. You know, paper. Hmmm… Trade your actual gold in for a monetary note from the Federal Reserve. How does this makes sense? Also, notice that the price of gold has gone up. When was the last time you went jewelry shopping? A pair of real gold earrings wouldn’t set your pockets back like this in the 90’s.

This is what it is: There is no more gold. Remember The New World was booming back in the day with gold mines. Everybody was migrating to America in hopes of striking big. The mines are dry today. If there were any gold, would there be any greedy goldsmiths (or whatever they are called) trying to get their hands on this precious metal? The gov is now going to the people and trying to con them out of their gold. Think about it. I understand that Beats by Dre revolutionized the audio industry, making it more lucrative, but still… There is something about the sum of 3.2 Billion dollars that is unsettling. What direction is America really going in economically? I will end this article by saying two things.

  1. I hope Dr. has foreign accounts.
  2. Do not sell your Gold or other precious metals. Keep it stored away. Polish it every now and then and then put it up. It isn’t too far fetched to say that your “worthless” gold is power and just may be a one-way ticket out of here one day.