Putting Harriet Tubman on a $20 bill is nothing to celebrate. Now… If they were giving those 20’s as reparations then yes, “CELEBRATION BITCHES!” The reality is this: integration disabled us, niggas are STILL demanding justice from the United States (whatever the hell that is…like colonization and slavery didn’t happen.)  We are being booted out of our neighborhoods (gentrification).  The youngins don’t  know what black nationalism is, and, niggas refuse to read. You know, “reading” something that, once upon a time, could cost us a hand or finger for being caught doing so. Remember, reading was power and our ancestors wanted the power of knowledge so badly that they would risk their limbs and lives for it?  It is 2016 and what have we learned? These Negroes are happy with this move… We stamp one of the matriarchs of black liberation on a filthy, worthless, 20 dollar bill and we are empowered? How? Folks have got to be smoking THE LOVELIEST CRACK EVER IN THE HISTORY OF LIFE… FUCK your 20 dollar bill unless you are talking reparations. Even that’s questionable. Meanwhile, niggas are content with a piss poor tribute to Harriet. Are black people that far gone? Are we really thinking this is a power move because you can now put a black abolitionist’s face in the g string of your favorite stripper at the Blue Flame?  YEA I SAID THAT SHIT. WTF ARE Y’ALL OVERJOYED For??


Everybody got opinions, so, allow me to share mine. Negroes get excited over nothing a lot of the time. Getting crunk over an opportunity to throw Tubman’s does not speak to nationhood advancement. A system that is getting paid off of your slavery places a Liberator on a paper bill when the minimum wage is not enough to get you one. Harriet should have had a display in our homes and on our altars to honor her. That’s true ancestral reverence. How often have we let her name precede our ache’s? If this is what we choose to celebrate in regards to Harriet Tubman Davis, we belittle her efforts to free slaves.

Like she said “I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”


Seems like a number of Negro, Black, and Colored Folks are still slaves…