Black Women, stop praising your backside on social media with the Ass shots. You look stupid, vulnerable, and weak. Whenever I am on social media, I can literally count ten booty selfies in a 2-minute span. I just can’t help but wonder…  Why is it that there are so many of us who chose to honor our lower halves before our higher selves? Forget your face… I can’t help but notice the amount of women  I see daily who are turned around in their pictures, as if to say: “Look at this ass please. You know you find me desirable!” Damn black women, why do we do this? How is this empowering? Whenever I see a sista do this over and over again I ask: Does she love herself? How is her self-esteem? It is even more mind boggling when she has a pretty face or awesome personality.

No, I’m not saying that black women are the only group that does this, yet it’s overwhelmingly a ‘sista thang’. So much of a sista thang that the lesser melanated models have followed suit (as they always do). Ass is apparently a commodity.

Andre 3000 wasn’t lying on his song “Behold a Lady“. He basically said that the image of the lady will be extinct in  the near future. Here  we are, over a decade later, and it seems as if that image  is nearly a memory. It is hard to watch. Discretion is gone. No longer do we leave the unmentionables to the imagination.  Prior to this, industrial influences were responsible for the deterioration of the black woman’s image. Today, it is the average everyday black woman killing her value with her own hands, not realizing….

Don’t call me no bitch, though…

It is all about how you represent yourself. You cannot expect respect if you present yourself to the cyber world, or real world, booty-first. Have you been reduced to feeling worthless? Where is your worth then?  I can’t help but see the countless number of women, all over the internet, that post suggestive imagery  on Instagram for acknowledgement and approval from whoever  is willing to look and double tap.  You cannot claim “respect” or “Ladies first” when you engage in bitch-like behavior.  The world is NOT taking you seriously.


You don’t know any better… Or do you?

It would be one thing if this was something  only seen coming from someone in their teens or early 20’s. However, you have women in their 40’s taking pictures of their rear-ends in full length body mirrors. This is questionable at any age, but damn…  What is really going on?

Do you love yourself?

When you love yourself, you respect yourself. There is nothing wrong with being proud of you and showing yourself off, but when it comes to this, will  a nice outfit or actual artistic photography suffice? What is the real reason for this behavior? When I see this, I want to ask, “Excuse me sis, do you like you?” or “How do you feel about yourself”?   It is apparent that these  questions are important and need to be asked. “Likes”, “shares”, and online popularity seem to be everything today.  The heights, or depths, that some of us go to  are absolutely  crazy.


What will end White Supremacy?

It starts with the Black Woman. The black woman is home. When your home is not in order, you are not right. Women have the power to attract attention to so much more than showcase the circumference of their hind parts. Over the years, it seems as if we have lost touch with the warrior spirit that we naturally possess. Where are the Kandakes? Where are the Nubian goddesses that not only birthed many nations, but protected and nurtured civilization? If cellphones and social media were available at the time, would sistas like Assata, Afeni, Nina, and Angela be concentrated on likes and what “the booty do”? What do we value?

Check out “Behold A Lady” Below