There is much social conversation blog talk radio stations, channels – self help and manuals, with content targeting the topic of relationships.  Women and men and what needs to change…solutions and ways…”Tune in today for the top 5 list! More advice to be given…another group to join in”. It’s informative, i get it.

Yet, I would like to see more of these healthy relationships. The action of it…to view it being lived. The gurus that choose to guide seem to be somewhat solitary in life.  I can appreciate the documenting of one’s personal quest and search.  Testimony is effective.  Honestly, though, I’d accept much less of pages, seminars, memes and vine statements.  Instead, I would like to enjoy the live-and-direct blatant in your face, true and living, turnt up, higher vibration, Twin Flame, Spiritual Partner Soul mate Love.  That Man ‘Woman and Child righteous JOY.

I Want to see it more in the streets, memes and tweets. I want to see real people representing the strength and power of the UNION.  This is coming from a brotha who used to have conversation after talk, after speech regarding what we need to do and what I have learned while my personal life was utter chaos.  Not to say some of those personalities who are open to share their wisdom are troubled as I was.

But that’s what I was: Co-dependents anonymous, four baby mamas; a dude playing house from a youth and grappling with the truth of emotional and physical abuse.  I attended counseling to learn what to do in order to have a chance at Healing oppression’s Wounds.  A brotha has been through it.  Learning, perhaps by default, I came to seek – searching deeply – earnestly – and urgently to reach a maturity needed to be successful in a union.

So, Goddess, yes, I tune in to bookmark websites, and subscribe. And I keep an abundance of information on deck to stay abreast of the next seminar.

You know, there is no NEED for families to broadcast their beauty. I would still like to see it more. It would bring some balance.

I am privileged to be the beneficiary of stability from a 42 year marriage. Moms and Pops riding it out…Two of my children have grandparents with 39 years of solidarity as well.  Elders and old folks Fasho. But what about the young ones? Yes, the family needs healing.  Lets ask some how they’ve been able to make it work.  What skills were used to fix what may have been broken? I Want to see Queen and King side by side saying “This is how we worked it out…How we Roll. Ride or Die.”

That being said, I have decided since I want to see it, i’m going to be it. After all the writing and enlightenment,  perhaps that is the solution that’s needed. LOVE revolutionary that’s what i will do. Work to watch that effort be reflected around me too. We can preach we can read we can learn we can teach. And  we can let the Action of Love Speak….for itself.