booty-shotOn Thursday, January 3, 2013, Pebblez the model was arrested in Memphis, Tennessee along with another women in connection to the murder of a Mississippi woman. A woman died after receiving butt injections of concrete. (YES…. CONCRETE). Pebblez referred the woman to the alleged doctor that administered the lethal injections.

Pebblez the model is an urban model that holds the worlds larges booty. She is famous for it. Her derriere is 62 inches.  The 39 year old is being charged with homicide and was picked up on a Fugitive from Justice Warrant. The woman that she was with 21 year old Shannetria Newbury was charged with:  Aggravated assault, bodily harm, failure to appear on a felony case, and criminal fortitude.The ladies are being held in Shelby County Jail in Memphis

Talk about being hymned up in some TROUBLE! Women are losing their lives over booty. Is it really this serious? There are more and more cases popping up of women dying from fake doctors and home injections all  to look like a modern day Hottentot.  Are we as humans that lazy and careless? You can literally transform your body with a good exercise regimen as well as a diet suited to fit your physical goals. All it takes is time, energy, and discipline. As far as the things that we absolutely cannot change, why can’t we just learn to accept it, embrace it, and live with it. Mutilating your body and/or killing yourself  is just not worth it. What happened to self love?