bobby-kristinaThis weekend was bombarded with talks of the late Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobby Kristina being hospitalized. She was found face down in a bathtub in her North Atlanta home by her husband and a friend on Saturday, January 31, 2015. She was unresponsive and clinging to life.

The rumor mill is reporting everything  from marital issues to suicide and depression to anger about the Lifetime biopic that was recently done about her mother. What really happened? Did she do this? Was this intentional or is there more to this story that has yet to reach the surface?  What is even more crazy  is that her mother was found the exact same way. Whitney Houston was found just hours before  Clive Davis’s annual Grammy party on February 11, 2012. She was in the bathtub.

Let’s be real, this situation is not surprising, at least not to me.  Bobby Kristina has been troubled for years.  Her condition just got worse after she lost her lifeline: her mama. She had a “support” team around her to help guide her way through the biggest loss of her life. Everyone from Tyler Perry to Oprah all stepped in to help mentor and directed the troubled young woman.  At first, it appeared that Bobby Kristina would be okay. Everything from acting to music was all in her reach. So many people wanted to simply see her do well after she properly grieved. Then… I don’t know what happened.

bobThis article is not an “I told you so” or  a finger wagging in the face. This is sad. However… I do blame a few people in this situation.

First and foremost, I BLAME EVERYBODY WHO WAS INVOLVED IN THE REALITY SHOW, “HOUSTON’S ON OUR OWN”. Everyone from Lifetime to the family was absolutely wrong to do that show so soon after Whitney passed.  They didn’t even give Whitney a years rest in the ground before they did this. It was almost like. there were just as many people waiting to exploit Bobby Kristina by exposing her grieving process. The grieving process isn’t glamorous and everyone grieves differently.  When you consider the fact that Bobby Kristina didn’t have a “regular” life and both of her parents battled substance abuse while raising her, which she seen, the last thing that girl needed was a camera shoved in her face at that time. Not to mention, she appear to be either high or stoned out of her damn mind the majority of the time. She was often times so zooted that she would speak with a slur.

Now Don’t get me wrong, Bobby Kristina did sign on to do it as well. However, this was a bad move all together.  If anything, this show exposed just how much bobby Kristina was in trouble both mentally and spiritually after the lost of her mother. Bobby Kristina was broken, and out of the brokenness, she clunged to her then boyfriend (now husband) Nick Gordon just a little to hard. The show first aired in October of 2012 meaning (8 months after Whitney’s passing), that tapping started just a few short months after the reality and shock of Whitney’s death was truly absorbed by everyone. The last thing that that family needed to do was reality television

After the show went off the air, the masses was once again left in the dark. All we knew is that she had aspirations of being an entertainer like her mother, and that she was deadset on marrying Nick. Then once again, Lifetime decided that they wanted to tell the Whitney Houston story in one of their infamous biopics and things went way left. After learning that she wasn’t casted to play her mother in the film, she publicly attacked Angela Basset, the director, on twitter:


All we know is that realistically, things aren’t looking good for the 21 year old. It has been reported that she is allegedly in a medically induced coma and that her brain is swelling and activity is at a dangerous low. Her family members are by her side praying that a higher power intervenes and saves her life.  What makes this story more eerie is that we are coming up on the 3 year anniversary of her mother’s passing.

The whole situation is unfortunate but are we really surprised? Right now, media outlets are saying that Bobby Kristina’s father Bobby Brown is by her side. The two have been estranged ever since Whitney and Bobby divorced. It isn’t looking too good for Bobby Kristina.  I hope that I will not be reporting on her death in a few short days. Instead, I’d rather be reporting how she beat the odds that the doctors have place upon her life. I would like to report that she will awakened from the medically induced coma with a powerful testimony. I hope that she will emerge and inspire someone who see’s theirself in  her.

Bobby Brown has released a statement simply asking that everyone remains respectful and give the family their privacy. The world is watching and praying…