Last week, Atlanta’s Historic HBCU, Morris Brown College has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy.  This was done as an attempt to save the University from closing it’s doors for good.  This historic institution has been educating students for 131 years. Whenever you ride by the campus on the west side of Atlanta now, it looks nearly lifeless and isolated.  In the 90’s it was NOTHING like this.  For ten years now, Morris Brown has been trying to make a comeback from the scandal that may cost the institution its whole existence. 2012 makes ten official years that the school has been operating under financial ruins.

This school fell from grace behind an ugly misappropriation of funds/ embezzlement mess.  The school was investigated for their financial spending from 1998 to 2002. The President, Delores Cross and the director of financial aid, Parvesh Singh were both found guilty of pocketing funds. They were bother later sentenced to house arrest and a few years probation, which I am sure they have probably finished serving by now… The greed and the scandal has cost us a MAJOR HBCU that was once known for producing some of the most highly educated and esteemed professionals. Filing Chapter 11 is the last resort for the college.  If the college didn’t make this move, the institution can be foreclosed and auctioned off as early as September 2012.

It hurts my heart to see what’s going on with this school. Morris Brown had one of the best teaching programs around period. The institution was known from producing some of the nations finest teachers. I remember going to school in Atlanta and having the majority of my teacher’s being a part of their successful alumni. Great things were always said about this school. I also remember first seeing the scandal break on the news. I literally watched every bit of a great reputation tarnish before my very eyes. It’s a damn shame…

Call me to hopeful but, Atlanta is home to the most black millionaires in the country. How come no one is hurrying to open their wallets and leave a donation ( that you know you can write off on your taxes)?  Everyone was so quick to put on benefits and donate funds to save Atlanta’s struggling “Grady Memorial Hospital” a few years back. When it comes down to Morris Brown, I literally hear crickets chirping in the background… SILENCE… I guess as long as Atlanta still has, Spelman, Clark Atlanta, and Morehouse, it’s all good. I hate to see this once powerful institution be reduced to a large sound stage for music videos and movies. Pray for Morris Brown.

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