When the economy dips and people begin losing their 9 to 5’s  by the masses, bettering one’s self by perusing a post secondary education is beginning to become a real option. No one’s hiring, why not go back to school? It’s a cold feeling to have your monetary security blanket snatched from underneath you. It’s a feeling that people don’t like. You’ve been had. You put all of your energy into doing your job correctly and efficiently, but at the end of the day, you are just an employee. What do you do? You’re a statistic.  You can either beat the pavement and look for more work or you can do something else. Go back to school and get that degree.

The reality of your decisions to not complete the college route with your peers tends to seem like a regret. You decide to go ahead and go back to school and get that piece of paper that states that you are worthy of earning more than slave wages. A lot of people make this move. Sometimes losing your job is kinda like putting the fire under your ass. Shit has just gotten real and you need a new plan of action.

Starting July 1st and beyond, the interest rates for subsidized loans are going up. The current interest rate for these loans is 3.4 percent.  In July, that number is going to double meaning people are going to have to  hash out more cash to get that education. Meaning that you’re loan payments are going to be higher and you may end up pay for that loan for a longer amount of time. All of this was decided last year in the Budget Control Act of 2011. Remember this is when they were talking about shutting America’s government down….. yea, about that…. hmmm….

I am always PRO-EDUCATION. There is nothing better than exercising your mind with knowledge but I question: In 2012, is it worth it to even pursue a degree. Everyone is being equally fukked as a whole. Some of my best friends have the degree and ample qualifications and still, no job. Patience is running thin and they are beginning to feel incompetent. I thought the degree was supposed to enstill pride and empowerment. I think that this is ridiculous. You mean to tell me that in 2008, our government can bailout these devilish banking institutions that are still fukking us over, but they can’t bail out education??