radio 1

This morning, I woke up to this crazy Facebook status pertaining to an incident that happened during the Durty Boys time slot on one of Atlanta’s major urban radio station: Hot 107.9 (Radio One):

I love Music I love Hip Hop but when is the garbage going to stop…Check this out!

So on the way home last night, I tuned into 107.9 radio and the “The Dirty Boys” were on the air. The Dirty Boys have a horrible reputation for disrespecting young girls. For instance, they do the h.s. check in where they say to young h.s. girls” Do you want some ding ding ?”(then they ring a bell) but the underlying msg is ding ding is sex. These “men” are well in their 20’s or perhaps 30’s. Their audience is middle school and h.s. kids…I can’t stand their show. And I’ve complained a few years ago when they called a female listener a Darkie.

Anyway, last night they ended the show by stating around 9:48 PM “I’m going to Club Onyx for $5 lap dances. Yea, I’m going to get $5 lap dances from some hoes.”

And yes, they did say HOES!

I’m not a prude but c’mon…these idiots could’ve ended the show on a positive note like stay in school etc but alas….

This is who OUR kids are listening to so TODAY I’m calling their station manager to complain! Join me and complain just reference the comments and the time 9:45-9:48 (“I’m going to Club Onyx for $5 lap dances. Yea, I’m going to get $5 lap dances from some hoes.” ) and they can pull the tape to review.

Here’s the website with the #’s and email:

I would think that Radio One would have a bit more class than to allow disrespect like this and “hoein'”to be joked about so casually on the airwaves. There is nothing wrong with have a unconventional radio show that caters to a younger demographic but this right here is just…. unoriginal, ignorant, and plain disgusting. This makes me sad and angry. If you know that the majority of your listeners are school kids, why are you talking about Onyx and hoes?  No the Durrty Boys aren’t responsible for parenting everyone’s children in the Atlanta area with their show; however, whether they like it or not, these kids look up to them and call in to the station all the time. We are now at a point where some people need to be held accountable for the things that they do and say especially if they are in a role on some sort of leadership.  I’m sorry Durrty Boys but you are in a position of leadership every time you are on the air. Today, this half-ass apology was issued on the show..

Y’all could have kept that. Do you guys even understand why people are mad? The excuse that all the younger generations want to hear is sexually explicit and unoriginal/derogatory content is tired especially when you are contributing to the problem. Is it that hard to enact a solution. Why is everyone so quick to jump on the negativity bandwagon? I am in my mid 20’s and expecting my first baby. Before I embarked on this journey, I was still even conscious of the things that were said and put out there for all the ear and see because, one day I will be and elder. These kids are going to be the one’s that are responsible for running things. If all we as adults can offer is “bitches and hoes”, I’m scared for my retirement. What is the future really going to be like? One caller called into the station today and was told by the program director that if they didn’t like the show that they need to tune in to the praise channel. WHAT KIND OF MESS IS THAT? The least that you can do is give better programing to your listener’s. That is your obligation…

I will end this off by saying this:

Atlanta is the birth home of black radio. Jesse B. Blayton Sr founded WERD radio a few blocks away from where the Radio One headquarters sits today in Atlanta. The date was October 3, 1949. This was the first ever black owned and operated radio station in North America. This station is no longer in business but it did monumental things for the civil rights movement. Dr. King utilized it’s facilities during a time when black America was really going through the trenches. My observation is… Decades later…. We completely digress to 5 dollar lapdances, Onyx, and hoes…. Wow….