Forgive us original people for lashing out and taking our shit back.
We have thousands of years of being accustomed to wealth and status.  Reduce sentences and release us. We have ages of being used to doing whatever we want.  We just don’t know how to function with such limitation; having to adhere to another man’s laws.

So many dynasties reminding me of my rightful kingship and authority.  It’s such an adjustment. Who are these impostors?  What are these creations?  These establishments are all unfamiliar. From temples to village, the riches of the land and planets were all accessible.  Now, we have to travel miles to get the freshest vegetables.  Could reach out my window to pick ’em; taste the sun rays. Now navigating aisles apparently we have to pay…

Across seas we sailed for vacation and trade.  How is a piece of paper required for my fleet to make their way?  Surely spoiled, the toil that’s touched these hands is studying and scribing; deciding what commands should be committed to memory…the position of infantry.

Warriors and Sorcerers at the beckon, now  I gotta watch my 6 when I’m in the intersection.

Granted, we weren’t all upstanding.  The thought of master planning was passing that karma on…Figure I’m the bigger Nigger, not one of these neanderthals.  Blood is richer, songs are stronger. What do i know of consequence or living in a squalor?  Tolerating hatred when I’ve always been the Greatest.  Many imprisoned for years when peerless, finished when open statements are made by one without qualifications.

Day by day I’m in amazement. I don’t understand.  Why i have to answer to such a strange kind of man. And, what is this manipulation? All of this belongs to me – so what is this they’re saying?

Creator has bestowed WE as Free. Now, some muthafuckas wanna tell me what i need, to work and to read, and to wear and to feed my babies or how to treat my Queen, or what we are supposed to believe.  I can’t deal with it.  This isn’t real living. So pardon I if unprepared for existing in this system…