BlaqKharma Inc. (Formerly known as Kharma’s World) is an urban Blog-a-zine founded in June of 2009 by Atlanta-based artist/journalist BlaqKharma. BlaqKharma originally began blogging in an attempt to create her own website for her music and Spoken-word endeavors.  That need for her own space on the web has since catapulted into something even greater.

Since its inception, BlaqKharma has grown this online platform into more than just a place known for celebrating and showcasing great independent talent and art. She  has created a place that has also become known as a source-checker and space to challenge modern-day information that traditional media fails to broadcast.    At the end of the day, it is all about  facilitating information that needs to be known and discussed by the masses. Blaqkharma has created a publication not only informing people of their basic rights, but providing a sense of enlightenment.

You can read and listen to more independent artist on The BlaqHour. The BlaqHour is an online radio show hosted by BlaqKharma that features a variety of eclectic music that feels good to the senses as well as stimulating conversation designed to engage and stimulate readers/listeners.

BlaqKharma is a RAW perspective … PERIOD