It’s no secret that our world government (yes, I said world) is beyond cold blooded, corrupt, and callous. Today, our sloppy government(s), especially America, will throw out a distraction  as soon as people ban together for anything that could potentially cause the necessary changes that we deserve. The  Distractions come in all shapes and forms.  For instance, the  ALS Ice Bucket challenge.  When I first heard of this challenge going on all I could say is…. They are trying  to kill us with both the Ebola virus and bubonic plague (Colorado). Not to mention, Michael Brown was assassinated execution-style at the hands of law enforcement ( to distract the masses of these biochemical warfare attacks that are still mobilizing) and folks want to dump ice water on their heads for…..


Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or “Lou Gehrig’s” disease  is a degenerative illness that deals with the nerve cells both in the brain and spinal cord. Over time, muscle movement can be lost.  Your motor skills can be affected and things like blindness can also occur as well. This illness mostly affects people between the ages of 40 and 70 years old. However, that is not “law”, you can be younger and still battle this illness.. ALS is not a laughing matter. This disease alters lives and can make the simplest things in life such as a walking, and talking difficult.


You mean to tell me that people are in a hurry to dump  ice water on their heads and raise funds for an illness that they may have never heard about vs paying attention to what is going on in front of our faces? Oh My God,  it is official: the world has GOT to be smoking crack. How does this make sense? Better yet, how does competing in a bucket challenge make sense right now– at this point in time? The people are literally under attack and WE SEE IT, yet we choose to distract ourselves by donating time and money for ALS (not knocking the spirit of giving nor am I going in on people who have ALS) vs. thinking critically and seeking answers to much needed questions like:

  • How come we haven’t heard a word about the two patients being treated  for ebola in the states? They were given a “cure” and  was let back out into general population. Everyone seemed to forget about them until the media said, “Oh yea, they are both completely cured”… Hmmmm #SUSPECTASHELL
  • Why isn’t this “Bubonic Plague” that they are saying has surfaced in Colorado, via fleas from a prairie dog, not on the front page of every national print publication and media outlet?
  • How did we go from Ebola being on the verge of an international pandemic to ALS?
  • Now “they” can cure Ebola? When did this happen? ( I guess if you made it, you can fix it… So you do realize that they have most likely been sitting on cure for HIV/AIDS  and cancer since before the 80’s OOPS…)
  • Who came up with this ALS challenge and why has it surfaced now or all times?
  • After 100 million dollar raised, who is really profiting?

All I know is… Oprah did it and everyone else has jumped on the bandwagon ever since… Nothing about this makes sense.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to do good but there are more important things that are going on RIGHT NOW that this challenge has distracted us from. …. I’m sorry but NO. What makes it so bad is that people actually donated money towards this vs. Michael Brown . That’s the  same as people requesting the presents of camera’s in their communities to film their every move because being watched is “safe”. I honestly just don’t understand the level of thinking with this one… Is everyone being MK Ultra’d

Why in the hell is everyone jumping on board for this challenge right now. We got throwed off. Also, why didn’t this didn’t come about when everyone was busy setting themselves on fire and stopping their hearts? When Trayvon Martin died it was skittles and Arizona ice tea.  Ebola pretty much is set free in the US AND Michael Brown gets murdered for making a store run and folks are doing an ice bucket challenge. There is NOOOOO formal way to end this article…